HVAC Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

July 8th, 2024

In NJ, the hot weather that hits when summer arrives can be extreme, to say the least. In many cases, it can even be dangerous when the temperature rises to the high 90s and 100s. As such, it’s imperative that residents of find ways to keep themselves and their homes cool and comfortable in the summertime.

It’s only natural to want to crank your air conditioning system up to full blast to combat the intense heat. However, the hotter the temperatures outside, the more work your air conditioner must put in to maintain a cool indoor temperature. This can cause wear and tear on your HVAC unit over time, not to mention drastically increase your electric bill, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to help your air conditioning unit perform effectively and efficiently.

In this post, our HVAC service technicians at Willco Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating will provide you with 8 helpful tips for keeping your cool this summer.

Top 8 Tips for Keeping Cool in the Heat

You’ve got to give your air conditioner some credit. It has a massive and extremely important job to perform every day here in the sweltering heat. Just like any other well-oiled machine, your AC unit can get overworked when it’s shouldering the burden of consistently circulating cool air throughout your home. That is why it is important that we, as homeowners, do whatever we can to help out our HVAC system and find additional ways to keep cool when those scorching summer months roll around.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to help keep your home cool this summer. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Regular HVAC Maintenance

It is incredibly important that you schedule maintenance for your home’s HVAC system regularly (at least once a year) to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency and delivers optimal cooling performance when you need it most. When you call the NJ HVAC professionals at Willco for your AC tune-up, we’ll come inspect your system thoroughly, quickly identifying and addressing any potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs or system breakdowns (which you definitely don’t want in the middle of the summer). We use a comprehensive maintenance checklist, ensuring things like refrigerant levels, condenser coils, drain lines, air ducts, and more are checked, cleaned, and working properly.

Make sure you never miss another maintenance appointment by signing up for our annual HVAC maintenance plan today!

Clean Coils Annually

Over time, dirt and other debris can accumulate on your AC unit coils, hindering the system’s ability to transfer heat effectively. This buildup restricts airflow and forces the HVAC system to work harder, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency and increased energy consumption. This is why cleaning your AC coils at least once a year is so important, as it allows your air conditioning unit to operate more efficiently and keep your home cool during the intense NJ summer months.

Replace Filters Every 30-60 Days

Your air filter plays an important role in trapping dirt, dust, and other airborne particles and preventing them from circulating throughout your home. As your filter accumulates debris, it can become clogged and obstruct airflow, straining the system and reducing its cooling efficiency. Whether you use disposable or reusable filters, it’s imperative that you keep them clean and replace them as recommended (typically every 30-60 days) to maximize the effectiveness of your HVAC unit.

Keep Window Blinds/Shades Closed

When warmer temperatures set in, sunlight streaming through your windows can quickly heat up the interior of your home. Be sure to close your window blinds or shades to create a barrier that blocks the direct sunlight from entering your home, effectively reducing heat gain.

Use Ceiling Fans

Another way to help your AC unit out and keep cool in the summer is by utilizing your ceiling fans. By doing so, you can create a gentle breeze that helps to cool the room as well as helps circulate and distribute air from your AC unit. Oh, and be sure to set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise in the summer, as this creates a downward airflow. When the winter sets in, reset the fan to rotate clockwise in order to pull that cool air upwards instead.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation and HVAC efficiency go hand in hand. Having proper insulation in your home acts as a barrier that prevents heat from entering through the walls, floor, and roof. By sealing air leaks and adding insulation to areas such as doors and windows, you can create a more consistent and comfortable temperature throughout each room in your house, all while reducing the workload on your air conditioner and experiencing energy savings as a result.

Reduce the Use of Cooking Appliances

As you likely know, cooking appliances tend to generate a significant amount of heat, which can further elevate the temperature inside your home. By minimizing the use of appliances such as ovens, stovetops, and other heat-generating appliances, you can prevent unnecessary heat buildup and maintain a much cooler indoor environment. What’s more, you can also improve your indoor air quality, as cooking releases smoke, fumes, and airborne particles that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Try opting for lighter meals, outdoor grilling, or using alternative cooking methods to reduce heat generation and enhance both the comfort and air quality of your  home.

Replace Old Thermostat With New Programmable Model

A programmable thermostat allows you to set specific temperatures for different times of the day, which means you can benefit from cool air when you need it the most and conserve energy when you don’t. That’s because when you invest in a programmable thermostat, you gain greater control over your cooling system, ensuring that it operates at the most energy-efficient levels. This not only keeps your home comfortably cool, but also reduces your energy consumption, meaning you can save money on your energy bill. With the power to program specific temperatures for different rooms or zones, you can customize your cooling preferences and maximize comfort while minimizing energy waste.

Call the NJ HVAC Professionals at Willco Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating

It’s no secret that the summer months here in NJ can bring with them scorching heat. It’s also no secret that we rely heavily on our air conditioner to keep us cool when that happens. However, your HVAC system can only do so much, and it’s important that you take the necessary steps to help it out when you can.

To learn more about ways you can help out your air conditioner this summer season or to schedule an HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement appointment, call a NJ HVAC professional at Willco Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating at (973) 948-0519 or reach out to us online today!